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June 19, 2014
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March 9, 2015
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I wanted to write about why I do what I do. Why do I love creating gorgeous images of pregnant women, newborns, babies & toddlers?

It’s simple really – these are precious times of our lives that last for such a short time and need to be remembered!

I have been photographing pregnant women and newborns for 14 years this year. It all started when my sister in law was pregnant with my nephew and I absolutely loved it. Showing her how gorgeous she looked and making her feel great was such a special experience and then when my nephew was born early I was able to create gorgeous images showing just how tiny he was, and that special bond between my brother and sister in law for their new baby. That unconditional love that takes over you when your baby is born.

When I was pregnant with my first little boy I had a lot of complications and didn’t have any photographs taken of me pregnant at all. I thought I was too big, fat, ugly mess with lots of stretch marks and had no self esteem – I didn’t feel I had that perfect body and round bump that I needed to have photos taken which is so silly when I had photographed other ladies of all shapes and sizes and given them their confidence back. I regretted not having them done within just a few days of having Joshua as I had nothing to remember what I looked like but more importantly to show my little boy when he was older. I made sure I had lots done with my second pregnancy even with the same complications and stretch marks I had the first time. I felt amazing after having them taken and my boys love looking at them too!

I want every mum to be to feel amazing and to have images showing that special bond with her and her unborn child and just how amazing she looks while growing a new life!!

Newborn and Baby photography

Capturing those special moments from your child’s first days to sitting on their own and crawling then onto standing and walking, their first birthday and all the other first moments is so special. We all have camera phones, tablet and take thousands of photos on them but they are very limited with the quality you can produce from them and we just store them all on our computers. I want my clients to have gorgeous images created using the high quality technology and techniques I have learnt through all my years being a photographer and to also have gorgeous high quality products to display their images on their walls or in albums to look at everyday and for others to enjoy too. I also want to make sure that the children in my images can look back on their childhoods and see just how much their parents loved them before they were born and the bond they had from birth.

After loosing my father to cancer a few years ago I have looked back on the images from my childhood lots and show my boys so they can see the amazing grandad they unfortunately didn’t get to spend enough time with. I have also put up some images of my father with my eldest son on my walls so that we can see him everyday and make sure he is still part of our lives.

Remember that the images I take for my clients are not just for the parents but for every generation to enjoy for many years to come!!

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