FAQ – Cake Smash

FAQ about our Cake Smash Sessions

Does the session include the cake or do we have to bring one?

Your session includes the cake!! You have a choice of a Giant Cupcake or an Iced 6″ Cake and also the colours we use too. I order the cake from our local cake maker a few weeks before your session so if you have colours in mind let us know or we can discuss a few options with you.

My child has special dietary requirements, can you still provide the cake?

A lot of children have allergies and we would love to provide the cake if we can but that would depend on the allergy and if the cake maker is able to do a special order. If you can contact us directly with your requirements I will be able to check if this is possible for you and let you know

When should I book my session?

I book the diary out approximately two months in advance but that being said my dairy is very fluid as I have to book around due dates with my newborn sessions so if you are wanting your session sooner contact us to find out what dates we have available.

Where does the session take place?

These sessions take place in my Natural light studio which has been designed to give you the home from home experience so that you can relax and enjoy your session.

How long does the session last?

Cake sessions are up to an hour depending on your baby. The session is tailored to your baby to make sure there is no rush and plenty of time for nappy changes & cuddles when needed.

Do you provide clothing for the images or do I need to buy something?

I have a little clothes rail in the studio with little outfits that have been made specifically for the studio. there is a selection of outfits for bays and girl in various sizes so if you are wanting to come with your baby and just use our outfits that is absolutely fine with us. however if you have seen an outfit in my images or somewhere else that you specifically want to be used please let me know so I can let you know if we have that outfit and if it is in the right size.

Can siblings and parents be in a few images?

Yes of coarse I love to capture images of parents with their child/children and the bond between siblings. The family images would be done at the beginning of the session before the cake comes out. We recommend that the baby is allowed to trash the cake by themselves in the beginning and then depending on the ages of your older children we may be able to do a few images of them all tucking into the cake. If you are wanting this then please discuss with me before your session so I can tailor the session to suit you.

Can I request certain poses or images I’ve seen on other photo sites?

If there is something that you have seen please discuss this with me before your session so I can prepare what I need to do it. But please no that I will not create images that I deem unsafe and I will not guarantee any pose as every child is different and may not want to go in the pose or prop you have requested.

What should we wear?

Simple is best. I photograph baby’s and toddlers wearing clothing supplied by me or if you have a special outfit or two you would like to bring that is fine but please try to avoid bright colours or busy patterns as they are very distracting in the images. I recommend that the rest of the family wear clothing that coordinates without matching exactly (there is no need for everyone to be in blue jeans and white T shirts). Children should wear clothing they like and are comfortable in, although it is best to avoid characters or logos if possible.

Is there anything we need to bring with us?

You may want to bring a spare change of clothes for yourself as we know your baby will get messy that is what the session is all about but if they want cuddles or reassurance during the session this may mean you get a little messy too. We also ask for you to bring a drink for your baby and  also your baby’s favourite treat. this may sound strange as they will have cake to eat but some babies get intimidated by the cake and if I put a few chocolate buttons or cheerios into the cake it helps them get started.

How many proofs will I get to choose from?

I fully edit up to 30 images from your session so you have a beautiful collection of a variety of different poses to choose from. Your images will be ready for you to view in your ordering appointment usually within 2 weeks of your session.

If there is a question you are wanting to ask that is not on this list please contact us so we can answer it for you.



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