Key Facts:

Mums Name: Alice
Babies Names: Ronnie
Birth weight: 8.8lb
How long was your labour? 9 hours before C-Section
What pain relief did you use, if any? EVERYTHING!!!

The Story…

Due to Covid restrictions, Alice and Gaz were unable to attend any antenatal classes. However Alice knew that she wanted Fiancé Gaz by her side throughout labour – she said:

“He is my rock and I couldn’t have done it without him”

Ronnie’s birth was made extra special as it allowed Alice’s Mum Janis to experience labour, she has never done this as both Alice and her brother were adopted, and being there for the birth of her grandson was so special for the whole family. Alice had planned for a water birth without pain relief, however, the reality was more painful than she could handle and the birthing pool wasn’t available.

Ronnie had plans of his own, arriving late (a trait he has inherited from his Mum!) via emergency C-Section. 10 days after his due date Alice went into Derby Royal to be induced. It was a further 2 days before Ronnie made an appearance at 11.33am on the 23rd October. After 9 hours in labour and 8cm dilation, his heart rate started to drop and Alice was used to theatre for an emergency C-Section.

Due to the pace of this Alice had her c-section under a general anaesthetic so neither Mum nor Dad saw Ronnie enter the world, it was a slow and worrying time for Daddy and Nanny, but thankfully Ronnie arrived safely and was able to have cuddles with them both before Mum Alice woke up 40 minutes later and got to meet her baby boy.

Alice Said “He’s worth all the pain a million times over and we couldn’t be more proud of our gorgeous body”

Alice and Ronnie went home the day after he was born, as they felt that they would be best cared for at home with the support of family, as  Gaz wasn’t allowed to be in the hospital with them which was hard for the whole family.

Alice’s advice to other Mum’s to be: ‘Everyone’s birth story is personal and individual to your needs and nothing comes easy, but it will be the greatest blessing.’

Gaz’s advice to other birth partners: ‘Get some sleep before the baby arrives!’

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