Key Facts:

Mums Name: Anastasia
Babies Names: Edlinn
Birth weight: 6lb 13oz
How long was labour? 9 hours
What pain relief did you use, if any? Gas and Air

The Story…

As Anastasia’s pregnancy was during the Covid-19 pandemic her planned antenatal classes were cancelled. However the midwifes she was during her pregnancy were helpful and able to give plenty of advice and guidance. As she was interested in hypnobirithing Anastasia wanted to follow the techniques and managed to watch some online tutorials on this.

Anastasia said “The birthing pool was a definite for me, I had heard positive things about this, so I did my research on this and checked with the hospital where I was due to give birth to see what I needed to do in order to use this facility.”

When choosing a birth partner, there was no contest! Joshua, who is Anastasia’s partner of 13 years and now proud Dad to Edlinn had to be there!

“He’s the only one who keeps me calm and focused, which is something I wanted to be. He is so laid back, he’s horizontal and likes a laugh and a joke, when he does this, he turns a bad day into an amazing day for me. For the past 13 years he’s always made me his number 1 priority, the amount of love and care he shows me is unbelievable. He’s always been really supportive in everything I’ve done, giving me the encouragement and guidance , I knew he would always be by my side whilst giving birth to our daughter.”

It seem Edlinn was destined to be a laid back as her Dad! Arriving 10 days late with no rush to enter the world as she was too chilled and comfortable, however she decided to make her appearance the day that Anastasia was due to be induced. Anastasia has a basic plan but was very open-minded and stress free as she didn’t want to make notes for a birth plan that may change and would distract her from focusing on having her little girl. The basic plan was to see how she could handle the pain at each stage and ask for pain relief if needed and use the birthing pool to deliver Edlinn.

Everything went pretty much to plan with Anastasia able to use the birthing pool for a short time as well as gas & air. Other than an episiotomy there were no other complications and Edlinn was born happy and healthy at 3.19am on 4th October. As both Mum and baby were doing well they were able to go home at 6.30pm on the same day.

After giving birth and being passed her daughter Anastasia  said works she will never forget  “Oh Joshua look at her” these words will always mean so much to the whole family as they had waited a long time to meet her and were already in love.

Anastasia’s advice to other Mum’s to be: ‘Try to enjoy your pregnancy, take each day as it comes, be cautious, but don’t get yourself stressed and upset. Don’t make too many plans as things can change, but do be organised with all your baby items.

Make memories and write down the little details as these are what you forgot later on.

When baby arrives everything happens really quick so don’t forget to breath, take time out for yourself and it’s ok to ask for help, we’re all not perfect.’

Joshua’s advice to other birth partners: ‘Be supportive to your partner but not be overwhelming with it.

Give your partner guidance and reassurance.

Don’t panic, remain calm and collective.

Offer to get anything and everything.’

A funny story!

Sometimes during pregnancy and birth there are some funny moments and we asked Anastasia and Joshua to share theirs with us….

“We were proud parents to be at Edlinn’s 12 week scan, when we realised she had got traits from both of us, Josh’s chilled, laid back attitude and my stubbornness, she wouldn’t move position for the sonographer. I had to jump up and down and move about to try to get her to move, she still wouldn’t move, this only made us love Edlinn even more.”

“Joshua had a lovely bonding session with our unborn baby when I played the Pocahontas song Colors of the wind to her, it was the first time Josh had seen our baby fully move in my belly, he was so overwhelmed by it, it brought him to tears, it was amazing to see what a fantastic daddy he would be to our baby girl.”

“We had our first you’ve been framed moment (which was caught on camera), I was feeding our baby and singing along to The Greatest Showman, when she had a sick moment all over herself and me, I think she didn’t like my singing!!!”



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