Key Facts:

Mums Name: Bethany
Babies Names: Mateo
Birth weight: 3lb 10oz
How long was your labour? 11 hours
What pain relief did you use, if any? Spinal Block
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The Story…

Bethany and Johnathan decided that they wanted Mateo’s birth to be a special moment for themselves, after a year of worry and anxiety as they lost their first baby in 2021. It was really important that they made the most of their Rainbow baby bubble before sharing him with the world.

However this pregnancy was not without complications as Mateo was measuring small from 28 weeks. Therefore Bethany had weekly scans at a different hospital to the original one as he needed to be monitored by consultants in the Fetal Medicine Unit to check his growth and keep an eye on the placenta to make sure it wasn’t beginning to fail. At 35+4 weeks it was agreed that he needed to come out and 3 days later he was born at exactly 36 weeks. It was a long labour with 9 hours or induction, following a 2 hour emergency c-section.

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Bethany would have liked to have a natural birth following induction but Mateo’s heart rate started to dramatically dip and his movements were showing to be minimal so in order to ensure he was born as safely as possible he was delivered by emergency c-section.

Mateos was very small when he was born and was taken to the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) straight after birth, but he was lucky enough to have a quick kiss and cuddle with daddy before he was whisked away.

After 12 days in the SCBU Mateo was discharged and the family were able to go home.

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Bethany’s advice to other Mum’s to be: “I would advise every mummy to be to go with their gut instincts, if they feel something is off then to call up and question it even if it sounds like a silly question. Always advocate for yourself!”

Jonathan’s advice to other birth partners: “Do not complain (at least not out loud) about having to sleep on the uncomfortable chair whilst in hospital as well as to pack plenty of snacks!”

Message from Kay: After hearing Bethany and Jonathan’s story on their nomination for the Rainbow Baby Project I just had to offer them the Rainbow Baby Session in my studio. I am so glad I did because they are such an incredible little family that have been through so much, yet always have a smile on their faces and are so thankful for little Mateo.  This little boy has been such a little fighter and was so tiny in his newborn session but he was strong and healthy which is so incredible. If you have experienced the devastating loss of a pregnancy or child and are now pregnant the worry and excitement are difficult feelings to manage but please know that you are not alone!!

Kay x

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