Key Facts:

Mums Name: Rameesa
Babies Names: Ayaan
Birth weight: 7lb 4oz
How long was your labour? 2 days
What pain relief did you use, if any? Gas & Air, Morphine, Pethidine and Epidural

The Story…

Rameesa went into labour 1 week after her due date and had hoped for a natural vaginal birth, although she didn’t have a fixed plan. She did however know that she wanted her husband by her side to not only see the birth of his son but also to support her emotionally and physically.

After two days in labour Ayaan was delivered by emergency c-secion as Rameesa suffered a haemorahage during labour and he passed meconium in the uterus.

After a 2 days in hospital Rameesa was able to go home with baby Ayaan to start their life as a family of three. Having her husbands support has made a huge difference and Rameesa said ‘A supporting partner makes a huge difference. Even though they can’t take away your pain, it helps immensely when you know they are there for you. I am really grateful for my husband for helping me all throughout the pregnancy and now with the baby.’

Rameesa’s Advice to other Mums: ‘Rest as much as you can during your pregnancy because you never know how your labour would be like and whether you would need a c section or not. It drains you and after you have your baby, you’ll be perpetually tired. So relax as much as you can. And Goodluck. Your baby is worth all the struggle you go through’

Advice for other birth partners: ‘Labour is hard. Be there for your partner. And after the baby is born, help them with the baby and house work as much as possible.’

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