New Year, New Life

If you’re expecting in 2019, or if you’ve just welcomed a new life into the world, your New Year will be new in every sense of the word – New Year, new baby, new way of life, new role as mum or dad…
While those around you are making the same old resolutions (get fit, lose weight, read more books, get that promotion, eat more vegetables) hoping to end the year in a slightly better position than they began, you’re teetering on the edge of something much more life-changing. For you, 2019 is going to be a big, exciting, happy New Year!

However, as you look forward to all that 2019 has in store for you, it’s quite normal to feel overwhelmed. We all know that dry January can feel like a huge undertaking, running a 10k can feel like an insurmountable task, so bringing a new life into the world and subsequently caring for a tiny new human … well that makes every New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made pale into insignificance. Having a baby is a huge life change but it’s so exciting! Yes, you’re thrown into it with very little training or knowledge which can feel scary but remember, there’s plenty of support out there – whether it’s from professionals, friends, family, or other new parents. Getting to know others who are in the same situation with a new baby can really help you with support, advice or just someone to chat to, and will give you a whole new social circle in 2019… that’s yet another ‘new’ to add to your list!

This will be the most incredible, eventful, emotional year… yes, it will be difficult at times but all the best things are! Expect a rollercoaster – there’ll be a few ‘exhausted, covered in baby sick and surrounded by washing’ lows but that’s all perfectly normal; they’re only temporary and will go as quickly as they come. Say ‘yes’ to offers of help; don’t feel you have to do all this alone. Let someone do your ironing; take the opportunity to catch up on some sleep while a relative takes baby for a walk; gratefully accept a friend’s kind offer of a home-cooked meal. There’s no shame at all in accepting a little help; others will be pleased to be involved.
The difficult moments that you encounter will be completely and utterly outweighed by the highs of having a baby – the touch of their unbelievably soft skin, the feeling of all-consuming love as they drift off contentedly to sleep in your arms, the joy of hearing them giggle, the glee on their face as they splash at bath time, their awestruck reaction to the simplest thing like hearing a cow moo or a bird sing, spending precious time enjoying new experiences together… the list is endless! Then there are all the wonderful ‘firsts’ that you’ll share in 2019: baby’s first smile, first laugh, first roll, first tooth, first crawl (when you realise everything has to be quickly raised off floor-level in the house!) first steps, first Christmas… there are so many things to look forward to! You’re about to embark on such an adventure which will bring memories that you’ll want to preserve and treasure forever.

This really is going to be the most amazing year for you – one you’ll never forget – and we wish you all the very best with all the newness in your happiest of New Years!

For an ever-lasting memory of your bump and your baby’s precious early weeks, contact us to book a maternity or newborn session.

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