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Mothers Name
Babys Name
Birth weight
6lb 11oz
What type of antenatal classes did you attend?
I didn’t attend any.
Who did you ask to be your birth partner, and why?
My partner as it’s such a special moment to share with him and my mother as she’s my best friend and I knew I’d need her through the hard times.

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Did your baby arrive on time? If not was baby early or late?
How long was your labour?
6 hours
What pain relief did you use, if any?
Gas & air , pethidine
Did you have a birth plan? If so did everything go to plan?
No didn’t have a birth plan just went with the flow.
Did you have any complications?
I didn’t myself but when my son arrived he wasn’t breathing/ unresponsive.

How long after baby was born did you go home?
10 days
What advice your you give to another mum-to-be?
Just go with the flow and take any pain relief going don’t try and be brave and not have anything because you will just suffer.
What advice would your birth partner give to another birth partner?
Just be there for you partner as much as possible.

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