As babies grow they go through lots of exciting stages, discovering new things and developing abilities as they change almost daily. Each new achievement is celebrated and, as parents, we encourage them to continue clocking up the milestones.

DSC_2028aTummy time helps them to grow stronger as they learn to hold up their head, roll over, and eventually move forwards (or backwards) by some means or another – whether it’s crawling, bottom shuffling, or dragging themselves commando-style across the floor.

After weeks of trying, the first time that they manage to propel themselves towards whatever is it they’ve been desperately trying to reach is a momentous occasion. You’ll video it, photograph it, tell all your friends and family…it really is a moment to be cherished. And then…reality hits. You realise this is the end of life as you know it:

  1. You’ll never be able to pop out of the room again without ensuring baby is safely strapped into some kind of seat/walker/playpen.
  2. Your low-lying ornaments, irreplaceable keepsakes, books and knick-knacks are no longer safe. Everything will need to be raised at least 3ft from the floor.
  3. The cats and dogs may well make themselves scarce for a while until they get used to having their hair pulled, constantly.
  4. Stairgates. Everywhere.
  5. All small objects will be banned from the house or put on high shelves. If you’ve got an older child who plays with lego or, worse, marbles, they’ll have to resort to playing in their bedroom with the door shut for the foreseeable future.
  6. Nothing in the kitchen is safe. The first time your cupboards are emptied you’ll realise the importance of cupboard door locks (especially under the sink).
  7. You’ll become obsessed with cleaning the floor as any bit of dirt, fluff or uneaten food that remains down there for more than a millisecond becomes part of baby’s own personal tasting platter.
  8. Nappy changes will take three times as long and may well end up with one or both of you in tears.
  9. Baby is faster than you think. If you turn your back safe in the knowledge that they can’t make it across the room before you turn back, they can.
  10. However thorough you think you’ve been in your baby-proofing, you have missed something. And it will take baby less than 2 seconds to identify and exploit this chink in your armour.

So, when your baby is on the move encourage and celebrate this exciting new stage – but, beware: life will never be the same again!


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