Key Facts:

Mothers Name: Becky
Babys Name: Noah
Birth weight: 7lb 15oz
How long was your labour? 9hrs
What pain relief did you use, if any?Gas and air and pethidine

The Story…

When Becky had her daughter she choose her Mum and husband David to be her birth partners and after attending NHS antenatal classes she had an uncomplicated 6 hour labour. Despite being a ‘bit of a planner’ Becky knew that with labour she needed to go with the flow. Second time around her Mum was needed to look after her daughter so 2 days before his due date with David by her side Noah entered the world. Before heading home Becky made the most of ‘that special feeling that your partner, family and hospital staff give’, by ringing her buzzer to ensure she got all the support she needed with breastfeeding. Becky says ‘It’s an amazing experience keep trying even if you feel like you want to give up.’

Becky’s advice to other mums to be – Go with the flow, ask as many questions as you need to, drink lots of water,take snacks especially after (energy or Mars bar) use unscented shower gel (ouch!), keep mobile even if it’s just walking & sitting on the loo, don’t be scared I was more so with my 2nd & I wish I hadn’t been as I was consultant lead. ENJOY EVEN WHEN YOUR IN PAIN!

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