dsc_0565aaEarly Symptoms of Pregnancy

While the most reliable sign that you’re pregnant is a missed period, it’s not always quite as obvious as it sounds. If your cycle is irregular you may not know when your next period is due. Also, it’s not uncommon to experience some very light bleeding or spotting during early pregnancy which, if your periods are usually light, could be confusing. But, if you suspect you could be pregnant, there are other symptoms to look out for too…

Sore Breasts

Does putting on your bra suddenly feel like torture? Do you wince in agony if someone accidentally brushes past you in a crowd? And, is it your imagination or does your cleavage suddenly look a little more…well, ample?!


You may be used to feeling a little weary at the end of the day, but if you suddenly feel like you can’t keep your eyes open and have an overwhelming urge to put your head down on the sofa every time you get 5 minutes, it could be to do with pregnancy hormones. Don’t worry though – you won’t feel this shattered all the way through!

Where’s the loo…

Can you not pass a toilet without having to pop in? Is your peaceful slumber suddenly disturbed by toilet trips? When you’re pregnant your body produces extra fluids and, well, they have to go somewhere! Unfortunately, as baby grows and starts to press on your bladder too, this is one pregnancy symptom that won’t go away.

Metallic taste

Do you have a strange taste as if you’ve been licking coins? This odd symptom is officially known as dysgeusia, and is again down to hormones. It’s not particularly pleasant but it should go off as you enter your second trimester.

Backache and headaches

Those pesky hormones can also be responsible for headaches and, as the ligaments in your back begin to loosen, you might start to feel a bit of lower back pain too. If you’re not yet sure whether you’re pregnant but suspect it’s a possibility, it’s best to avoid ibuprofen just in case.


If you experience some cramping similar to period pain, but without the associated bleeding, it could be a sign that your uterus is preparing to house a growing baby…

Mood swings

If you find yourself feeling snappy, tearful, elated, then back to short tempered again, it may be your body getting used to a surge of new hormones. Ask friends and loved ones to be sympathetic and tolerant – it may be a bumpy ride for a while but you’ll soon settle down!


Do you feel like your nose has gone into overdrive? Does everything suddenly smell much stronger than it used to? Maybe smells you loved now turn your stomach or you have to walk a different way to work to avoid the bins? It’s a strange one, but yet another early sign that you might be pregnant.


Just like your nose, your taste buds might also be in hyper mode – or they may have changed completely. You might have sudden cravings for certain tastes, or things that you used to love – like coffee – may now turn your stomach. Just go with the flow, and give your body what it’s asking for (and avoid what it’s not!).


Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day, and can range from a slight queasy feeling to an inability to keep food down. Again, bear with it as it does usually pass – but if you’re worried or feeling really unwell then seek medical help. Some people recommend peppermint tea or ginger to help.

Confirming you’re pregnant

Pregnancy tests work best from the date your period would be due – hormones need to be at a certain level in your urine before they can be detected. If you’re not sure when that date is, 28 days after your last period is a good time to try. And if it’s positive…congratulations! There’s usually no need to have a home test confirmed by a doctor but you should contact your surgery to book in with a midwife, who’ll then support and monitor you through your pregnancy. You’re at the start of a very exciting journey!

Now’s a good time to contact us book in a pregnancy or a due date photoshoot, so we can create precious memories to treasure of this special time.

Did you experience any other symptoms during early pregnancy or did any of the above take you by surprise? We’d love to hear your stories!

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