Key facts:

Mums Name: Elyssa
Babys Name: Arlo
Birth weight: 7lb 14oz
How long was your labour?: 10 hours and 35 mins.
What pain relief did you use, if any?: Gas and air as I spent most of it in the pool.

The story…

In preparation for Arlo’s birth Elyssa attended a one hour talk about labour birth. At the time her attitude was ‘just pass me the gas and air!’. Whilst Elyssa wanted to take things as they came and was very open minded she also wanted a water birth so knew that her pain relief options would be limited. 11 days after his due date with the person who she trusted most in the world – her husband to keep her level and determined Elyssa went into labour. She laboured in the pool but after a couple of hours pushing with a back to back Arlo his little head was stuck and so she moved onto the bed. This turned him and after 45 minutes pushing in stirrups he was born. Elyssa wanted to make sure that she felt all the contractions properly for this so didn’t have any further gas and air once she left the pool. 10 hours later Elyssa, Andrew and Arlo were headed home to start their new life as a family of three.

Elyssa’s advice to other Mums – I would say relax as much as possible and move around if able. This got me through it better as the looser the exit the easier it is. Relax and breathe I will definitely do this if we have a second.
Andrew’s advice to other birth partners –  enjoy it and try not to stress out.

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