With Christmas approaching, your mind has no doubt been on finding the perfect presents for friends and family. Well, never fear! With a new baby in the family you suddenly have many more gift ideas available to you – and they’re all so much better than the usual options of perfume, socks or slippers! What’s more, you can almost guarantee they’ll be loved and cherished by the recipient. And, as an extra bonus…they don’t have to cost the earth! Thanks, baby.

Make it Personal

There’s a huge range of personalised gift out there – from plaques to mugs or engraved glasses, jewellery, watches, handbags, purses or wallets – you can have a name and a special message added to just about anything. Take this opportunity to tell grandparents, aunties and uncles, mums and dads just how important they are with a special message from baby and create an item they’ll love. Have a look at www.notonthehighstreet.com for some beautiful and creative personalised gift ideas from a range of talented crafters. Remember to order soon though as personalised items can take a little longer to produce and dispatch.

Printed Perfection

There’s nothing more touching a gift that displays baby’s tiny hand and footprints. These precious memories will be treasured forever – they’ll only be this small for a very short while so this is a short-lived opportunity! Try a local craft centre or pottery for ‘paint a pot’ workshops where you can enjoy a bit of messy play with paint whilst creating plates, mugs, vases or even Christmas baubles displaying baby’s petite but perfect signature.
Hand, foot and finger prints don’t just have to go on to pots though…you can create unique silver keepsakes bearing children’s finger prints, hand prints, foot prints, or even drawings! With a range of gifts available from necklaces to cufflinks these stunning pieces will be adored. Have a look at www.smallprint.com – they have jewellers covering all areas of the country who can take prints and create your own unique piece.

A Moment Captured

Photographs of your baby capture and preserve the memory of this beautiful newborn stage. Time passes so quickly and your little ones change with each day that goes by. You don’t get this time back, so photographs really are priceless. The professional, artistically produced shots from our newborn photoshoots will be met with ‘ooohs’, ‘aaahs’ and no doubt a few tears too (the good variety!). You could even bring the whole family along to create a stunning family portrait. Whatever you choose, you can guarantee that this gift will be cherished forever.


Family Portrait with a Difference

If you want something other than a photograph to symbolise your family unit, how about a stylised family print? From stick people to cartoons, paper cut-outs, caricatures or even pebble people, your family’s unique character can be represented in many quirky and unusual ways to create a truly personal gift with a difference. Take a look at Etsy’s online marketplace for unique handmade goods from crafters all over the world – search ‘Family Print’ on www.etsy.com/uk and prepare to be amazed by the wonderfully creative options that are available!

Homemade Masterpieces

At this time of year you can often feel like money’s going out faster than it’s coming in! With so much to do and buy, keeping tabs on the budget can be tricky. But, if money’s tight, it doesn’t mean you can’t give stunning gifts – there are many things you can make cheaply and easily at home that will mean just as much to the recipient as an expensive gift. In fact, often the thought and effort that goes in to a homemade gift makes it even more special. From finger paintings to baking, pictures to memory boxes – there are so many ideas that don’t require a huge investment or, thankfully, too much artistic ability! Search https://uk.pinterest.com for ‘homemade gifts from baby’ and enjoy getting creative this Christmas.

Do you have any top tips for Christmas gifts from baby? Have you given or received something really special? We’d love to hear about it!

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