Key Facts

Mums Name: Heather
Babys Name: Dilan
Birth weight: 8lb 15oz
How long was your labour? 24 hours
What pain relief did you use, if any? 
Gas and air

The Story…

Heather knew that she needed people she could trust and know would help her most during labour so choose her boyfriend and Mum to be her birth partners. After attending both breastfeeding, labour and birth classes, she felt prepared for her baby’s arrival and didn’t make a birth plan. 11 days after her due date she was induced and baby Dilan made his entrance into the world. 5 days after they were able to go home and start life as a family.

Heather’s advice to other Mums  – Pack your hospital bag good!
I didn’t and need certain a things that I forgot! Was a nightmare! Pack plenty of maternity pads.
Rikki’s advice to other birth partners  – Don’t be annoying! Do everything someone’s asks

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