I’m Pregnant! How to break the big news.

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I’m Pregnant!
Breaking the big news…

Announcing your pregnancy to friends and family is an exciting prospect. You’re sharing your life changing news with the people who mean the most to you… your parents will find out that they’re going to be grandparents, your siblings aunties and uncles, and your friends will share in your delight. It’s a huge thing so you want to do it right; but how and when do you break the news?

There’s no right time. Many couples wait until after the 12 week scan so that they know everything’s looking good with the pregnancy and they’ve seen the baby and heard its heartbeat for themselves. It also means you’ve got a photo of baby to share too, which makes it all feel more real. If you’ve been feeling particularly ropey in the early stages of your pregnancy or if your abstinence from alcohol is uncharacteristic and is raising a few eyebrows (which can be particularly obvious at times like Christmas or birthdays!) you may want to tell a few key people before the 12 week mark. It’s entirely up to you; just do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

There are bound to be a few people that you tell first, before making the news ‘public’. Parents, siblings, close friends to name a few. There are certain people who should definitely hear it from you, so make sure they know before your next door neighbour’s aunt or your old school friend who saw it on Facebook!

Some people choose to make an occasion of the announcement, gathering all those who are closest to them together to make it really memorable. While some like a family dinner and a ‘formal’ announcement (“We’ve got some exciting news to tell you…”), others choose to make it really fun and different – for example by sending the grandparents to be to check the oven then having the scan photo propped up on a ‘bun in the oven’ (although you have to remember not to turn it on!). Other ideas include: inviting them over for a party but having the whole thing ‘baby themed’ when they arrive, or giving each one a small gift box containing a teddy bear and the due date. You could even just hand out tickets to a ‘Special Event’ on the due date, then watch their faces to see who catches on first!

If family and friends are more far-flung it might not be practical to tell them in person, in which case emails, video calling and picture messaging are perfect ways to make the announcement. From a photo of a pair of baby booties with the simple caption ‘Pitter patter…’ to a sound recording of baby’s heartbeat, there are many memorable and personal ways to break the news, no matter how many miles are between you.

Going public…
Social media makes it much easier share your news far and wide with all the people you know, but you only get one chance to make your announcement so you want to make it good! Some fun ways include making a film trailer style video… “Coming soon…”, or staging a family photo to announce your growing family. There are loads of fun ways to do this, involving siblings too, so be as creative as you like to make something truly memorable that can be treasured forever. Use props, chalkboards or signs, incorporate the due date, play on words – whatever you do, make it unique so that it reflects your family, your style and your personality. Of course, we’d be only too happy to help you with this, turning your special memories into keepsake art with professional photographs to cherish [http://www.kayoliverphotography.co.uk/CONTACT.aspx]. Photos can also be printed onto cards or postcards, so your family and friends can enjoy a wonderful surprise along with the usual bills that the postman delivers!

Share your stories…
Did you announce your pregnancy in a really creative and memorable way? Were the faces of your loved ones an absolute picture when you broke the news? We’d love to hear your stories.

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