Key Facts

Mums Name: Keeley
Babys Name: Aurora
Birth weight: 6lb 10oz
How long was your labour? I can’t really say my waters broke at around 8am however no contractions till around 12 she came at half past 12
What pain relief did you use, if any? 

The Story…

This was Keeley’s fourth child so she skipped the antenatal classes as (in her own words) – ‘I kinda know what I’m supposed to do’!! As she was planning to give birth at home she wanted to be surrounded by her family and so her husband, Mum and children (for as long as they wanted to) were there to support her.  Keeley prepared for her home birth by gathering sheets and bed mats and packed bags just in case they needed to transfer into hospital. At 37 weeks and 3 days Aurora made her quick entrance into the world. The midwives came and checked on Keeley when her waters broke but as she wasn’t having any contractions or signs of dilation they left with instructions to call them once contractions started. This was great news for Keeley who wanted as little intervention as possible. When the contractions did start they came quickly and were very intense and although the midwifes were called, before they knew it her husband and Mum were delivering their little princess. Aurora entered the world with her Daddy supporting her Mummy in a mid stand/squat position and was caught by her Grandmother. A beautiful experience for the whole family. An hour after the birth Keeley was dressed and sitting comfortably on the sofa surrounded by her new princess, 3 boys, husband and nan.

Keeley’s advice to other Mums – Try not to panic I know it’s easier said than done but I learnt from my 1st child how much energy it wastes – yes it hurts; yes you get tired; but it truly is worth everything in the end falling in love with the little beauty you have created. Also if you want a home birth go with your instinct if you feel it’s something you can achieve go for it, home birth isn’t for everyone I had plenty of scans and checks to make sure I was on the right path until I reached my final decision x
Advice for another birth partner – Haha I don’t know what my husband would really say other than don’t look n wear gloves… He was a very funny shade of grey bless him

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