Key Facts:

Mums Name: Kirsty
Babies Names: Evie & Katie
Birth weight: 4lb 4oz & 4lb 8oz
What pain relief did you use, if any? Epidural as I had a c-section

The Story…


Kirsty prepared for the birth of her twin girls by attending TAMBA for twins antenatal classes along with her wife and birth partner Tracy.

As Evie was breech and her weight was below the 5th centile she knew that she would need a c-section to safely bring her girls into the world. However at 35 weeks she was also diagnosed with pre-eclampsia so her section date was brought forward and with Tracy by her side the girls were born at 35+4.

As Katie and Evie were premature they spent some time in NICU after birth as they needed help with breathing and temperature regulation, but after 12 days the girls were go home with their parents and start life as a family of four.


Kirsty’s advice to other Mums – If things don’t go to plan trust the medical professionals, and don’t worry about it not being how you wanted it. Obviously hormones affect any response to unexpected changes!

Tracey’s advice for other birth partners – Be prepared to step in and help out. Especially if there has been surgery involved in the birth. Also never ever say how tired you are!!! 🙂


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