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Mothers Name
Babys Name
Alicia Faith
Birth weight
7 pounds
What type of antenatal classes did you attend?
None as 2nd child
Who did you ask to be your birth partner, and why?
Partner and my mum
My partner as it’s important for them to see and be part of the delivery and support for me during delivery.
My mum as she’s my best friend, always by my side when ill (even at 27 ha ha) she is also a nurse so I would have faith and trust in her to ensure I received the best possible care!

Did your baby arrive on time? If not was baby early or late?
1 week early as planned c section
How long was your labour?
What pain relief did you use, if any?

Did you have a birth plan? If so did everything go to plan?
Yes planned c section as baby was breech. She turned on the morning of the c section!! Went ahead with section anyway due to other health concerns and my bump was measuring 46 weeks. Made the right decision to have section as she was a face presentation so there for a natural delivery wouldn’t have been possible and would have end up with emergency section! Follow your instinct!
Did you have any complications?
No c section went well followed a new enhanced recovery programme and was home next day less that 24 hours after c section!
Recovered a lot quicker than natural birth.

How long after baby was born did you go home?
20 hours
What advice your you give to another mum-to-be?
Follow your instinct if you feel strongly about something be determined and seek advice or help ie concerns with your baby or yourself.
Always accept support and help from friends and family!
What advice would your birth partner give to another birth partner?
Be patient, calm and prepared to put up with one demanding lady! Ha ha!


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