So the summer time is over and the kids are back at school! I am not sure where the summer holidays disappeared too but we had an amazing time with day trips, family picnics, bike rides and camping trips. I did work over the summer holiday but cut down my hours so I could spend as much time with my husband and boys to make sure we created amazing memories together.

Getting back into routine is hard but having plenty of cuddles with the baby’s that visit me in the studio eases the pain! So now my kids are settled in their new classes with new friends and new teachers and for my eldest a new school I thought I would write a quick blog for you.

For those mummies with children not yet at school.

This back to school time will affect you too as their are more baby and toddler groups for you to go to in term times which is a great way for you to get out, bond with your child/ren and also meet more mummies. Another way that you will be affected is during school hours the play centres are not as busy so perfect for wearing out your little ones while you catch up with friends and get a well earned cuppa and cake?! Time fly’s by so quickly so enjoy every minute with your little ones as it will soon come round to it being your turn to do the school drop off.

For those mummies with little ones starting reception class.

Well I know some of you are still going through a tough time especially those of you who have kids that have only just started school. This can sometimes take a few weeks for your child and you to adjust as they now have more of a routine without you. Children have this great way of tugging on our heartstrings and know the button to press to make us feel like the worst mummy in the world just because they are not happy about change. Whether it be that they cry when you drop them off, don’t want to let you go or even say they hate you for doing it to them, I promise you this stage will pass and as soon as you have left they are more than likely running around with their friends and having fun learning new games and stories.


For those who have a baby but got other children in school.

It is strange when the house is quiet and its back to just the two of you once school starts back again. Or maybe you haven’t been alone with just you and the baby yet? Either way once the school drop off is done it is time for you to have the special time with your baby just the two of you. Enjoy time relaxing together, make sure you do actually relax and enjoy some cuddles while the older children are out at school. Enjoy going to coffee mornings, play dates with other mummies as baby talk can send you slowly mad if you don’t get out with other adults too. Remember you don’t have to work all hours getting the house tidy the uniforms ready and the bottles sterilised without the fun times with your children. They grow so quickly and family time is important!

For all of us school being back changes our weeks which mean weekends are even more important! We need to make sure we plan fun things to do at weekends to create more memories with our kids while they still want to spend time with us hehe before teenage years set in and its no longer cool to be with their parents. It doesn’t have to cost a lot its about having fun together that counts, so going on bike rides, scavenger hunts, picnics, bbq’s, sunday roast dinners together at the dinner table, doing puzzles, going to the playground what ever you do make sure you have fun!

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