When you hear home studio do you think oh no I’m going to someones home that isn’t professional or do you think that’s great I will be able to relax?

So many of my clients comment on how relaxing the sessions are at my studio and that for me is what I aim to achieve, from relaxed parents comes relaxed and happy children. Photographing maternity, newborn and baby images is what I love and I am so lucky to have amazing clients that come back to me time and time again. A few years ago I had my house extended to accommodate a purpose built natural light studio. I love the space and have got lots of props and backgrounds to make sure I create beautiful images for my clients. I wanted to show you what its like inside my studio and show you just how professional and relaxing it really is.

Professional Signage for you to find me easily:

Comfortable area to discuss the session sit down relax and look through all the products available:

The studio space is the perfect size for photographing babies and toddlers, not so big it overwhelms them and homely enough they feel relaxed:

With props galore and a relaxed environment without interruptions you can feel at home while I capture the gorgeous images you want to cherish. For some of my latest photos check out my Facebook page.

I hope to hear from you soon for more information on sessions so we can get you booked in.

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