There’s no doubt about it, pregnancy isn’t easy – even if you’re lucky enough to have had a ‘straightforward’ pregnancy. You may be bigger than you ever imagined possible, your feet are probably swollen, you can’t sleep, you constantly need to wee, you’re permanently hungry but can’t manage a big meal and, despite slapping on bucket-loads of cream, those dreaded stretch marks have most probably crept in overnight…

Thomas3But there’s a wonderful, beautiful, incredible reason for all this. Your body is doing the most amazing thing you could ever ask it to do. Forget skydiving, forget running marathons … you’re growing a human. No matter how you look at it, that’s a thing of beauty. For nine months your body is not just keeping itself going but is busy creating your baby – keeping it safe, feeding it, and following a pre-programmed biological timetable to help it grow day-by-day into the little bundle that you’re soon to meet.

From the first fluttery movements to the twists, turns, somersaults and even the really hard kicks in the ribs, you’re able to feel your baby growing and moving every day as those precious first bonds between mother and baby are formed. While your body protects and nurtures your growing baby, your voice soothes it and your swaying movements rock it to sleep, your love for each other grows from the inside out.

You may not be able to fit in to any of your clothes and that new maternity top may well make you feel like a hot air balloon, but pregnancy really is a time to be cherished. However you may feel about the way you look, your growing body, cocooning your baby, is truly beautiful. A pregnancy photoshoot is the perfect way to help you see that beauty for yourself, and to preserve the memory forever. There’s no reason to feel self-conscious as to me, no matter what size or shape you are, a pregnant body is the most amazing and natural thing in the world. I’ll do everything I can to help you feel at ease and enjoy the relaxing experience – some precious pre-natal time for you and baby. Husbands, partners and other children can also be involved, creating your first family photographs at the start of your new adventure together.

When your baby is in your arms and the way those kicks felt inside you is just a distant memory, your collection beautiful maternity photographs can be treasured forever. Once your baby is old enough, you can share the memories together, and they’ll see just how much they were loved even before they made their entrance into the world.

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