Key Facts:

Mums Name: Zoe
Babies Names: Chester
Birth weight: 7lb 14oz
How long was your labour: 27 hours
What pain relief did you use, if any? Gas & Air, Diamorphine & Epidural

The Story…

Zoe planned a water birth and attended antenatal classes tailored to this along with her husband Ken who was her birth partner. Four days after his due date Chester arrived but it wasn’t quite the birth that Zoe and Ken had planned.

Zoe says ‘The plan was to have a water birth which we tried early into the labour with no luck. We then had to be induced as my waters had been broken for 24 hours and no sign of his arrival.’

With a little help from Kielland forceps, Chester was delivered and the family were home together 24 hours later.

Zoe had a very easy pregnancy with no complications of side effects. She says ‘ The labour made up for that but luckily you really do quickly forget how bad it was when you have your baby here.’

Zoe’s Advice to other Mums: ‘Go with the flow don’t be disappointed if things don’t go to your plan. It will work out ok in the end! ‘

Ken’s Advice to other Birth Partners: ‘Take snacks you could be in there a lot longer than you expect to be. Watch for side effects from the drugs they made zoe far to sleepy to even sit on the birthing ball!’


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